Cement Masons Local 111

The greater Niagara/Buffalo, New York area can be rest assured that its infrastructure and construction projects are stable and properly built to last generations partly due to expert craftsmanship by the members of Union Cement Masons Local 111. A Cement Mason’s craftsmanship is challenged on a daily basis while forming, placing, sculpting, spraying, shaping, coloring, texturing, stamping, smoothing and finishing wet concrete. This specialty necessitates newly learned processes along with skills that have been passed down for generations. Becoming a Union Cement Mason is not a job; it’s a promising career that provides for individual and family independence as well as pride of work.

Pride of Craftsmanship

Masonry is one of the world’s oldest and most notable trades. Over the ages cement masons have been honored by a legacy of treasured structures. Cement Masons Local 111 carries this pride forward through a union of professionals committed to the quality and integrity of their craft.